CP04 | Hey, why am I Mr. Pink?


To gain a deeper understanding of the overall structure for my own screenplay I read the script for Reservoir Dogs (1992). Whilst reading I was analyzing how the story is developed, how the dialogue is written, and how the characters are introduced. The first thing that hit me was how long it took for Tarantino to introduce the characters; it took 12 pages (mostly dialogue) to set the scene. Granted Reservoir Dogs (1992) is only one example which heavily relies dialogue anyway, but whilst watching the film it didn’t seem to take that long. I underestimated how much space dialogue takes up on a script compared to how little screen time it gets; this will be a major problem when writing my own script as the standoff is mostly dialogue driven, so when writing I need to keep dialogue to a minimum allowing me to fulfill my story’s goal. Sticking to Cowgill’s 60 second introduction will therefore by much trickier, as I plan on introducing the characters though a section of their radio show.

Another aspect of the screenplay which surprised me was the overly simplified text. Instead of the story being written in a detailed format, it was small sentences which very briefly describe what is going on e.g. “The table laughs. The WAITRESS comes over to the table. She has the check, and a pot of coffee.” – This format of screenwriting differs tremendously from my room example activity which goes into too much detail. Without reading this example I would have overwritten a scene just as Elliot Grove warned would happen. Reading the screenplay of Reservoir Dogs (1992) was a huge help in learning how to write a script, however at this point in time I feel my story needs to be developed further before I engage in writing. My next step is to focus on character development.

Reservoir Dogs. 1992. [Film]. Quentin Tarantino. dir. USA: Live Entertainment

Uniroma. 1990. Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs Screenplay. [Online]. [Accessed 16 February 2017]. Available from: https://web.uniroma1.it/seai/sites/default/files/dialoghi%208%20SCENA%201-SU%20YOUTUBE%20RESERVOIR%20DOGS%20TIPPING%20SCENE.pdf


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