CP10 | Step Outline #1

After weeks of planning my story and finalizing characters I created the first draft of my step outline. The start of the story features the introduction to the characters through a radio broadcast they are recording. The first obstacle they are presented with is the initial finding out of the VC attack which they prepare for. This is followed by the VC initially breaching the bunker and shooting Johnny. After a slow build up where they make the decision to surrender or fight back they agree to lower their guns, this brings the story to the final act where the standoff happens after the VC push the Americans for answers. Eventually a shootout happens which is the climax of the film.

  • The three protagonists are having a good time broadcasting music and telling jokes on air to the American public
  • They intercept a transmission from the outpost above warning them of an attack from the Vietcong
  • The VC breach the bunker and shoot the translator but pull back due to the protagonists’ advantageous position
  • The VC try to communicate with the protagonists’ on a radio mic demanding they lower their arms
  • The US troops eventually agree to surrender and allow the VC to enter
  • The VC question the identity and purpose of these individuals but after the legitimacy of their story begins to collapse the characters engage in a suspense-driven stand off
  • All the characters but the radio presenter are killed in this act of chaos, leaving our protagonist to aid a dying Vietnamese troop  who pulls out a photo of his family
  • The presenter bursts out in a fit of tears and trauma exposing the US listeners to be exposed to the horrors of the War

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