CP16 | SketchUp

In order to create the radio bunker for my pre-vis animation I first did some research into actual pirate radio bunkers of the Vietnam War. I found some really good images which I could use to base my own bunker on. The key objects I included in my bunker are radio equipment, tape recorders, vinyl records, microphones, a typewriter, headphones, a world map and a clock.




When it came to actually modelling the bunker I based the floorplan on a Photoshop sketch I created before I wrote my script in order to figure out where each character would be. Here we have Sebastian’s desk in the centre of the room, Gareth’s next to his, and Johnny’s near the door. Around the outsides of the bunker I placed additional radio equipment to make it look more cluttered and busy.

Bunker Floorplan

I started drawing the model out in SketchUp which is a 3D graphic design software. To create the bunker I drew the layout and then elevated the walls using the Push/Pull tool, following this I removed a chunk from the middle wall to act as the door. Next I applied the textures to the walls and floor using the materials editor where I selected a lined pattern and changed the colour to brown. To insert items into the scene I used the 3Dwarehouse which allows users to upload their own models for others to use; I found a collection of models which matched the objects I had desired. When it came to inserting the objects an issue I had was using move tool to move objects along the different axis as they appeared to lock onto the ground randomly. To fix this I looked online and found out that by using the keypad you can select which axis you want the objects to move, this was a much easier way to move objects around and saved so much time. Once my model was finished I exported it into 3DXchange and then from there saved it as a prop to put into iClone.

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