CP18 | Post-production

Once I had completed the animation in iClone I moved it into Premier to add the sound effects and voices. I chose Premier Pro over other editing software, as for one I know how to use it, but more importantly it allowed me to transfer individual sections into After Effects to apply additional effects.

For the shot where the smoke rises from the cigarette on the desk I imported a video of smoke floating upwards and removed the background. I then drew a mask around the layer and featured it out so the edges weren’t as hard. Next I used the motion tracker to sync it with the camera movement; this was also the case for the image of the cigarette which I forgot to incorporate when I built my model. I finished by adding a small red dot on the fire alarm which faded in and out to imply it was flashing.

2017-05-03 (1).png

Another effect I added was the photo of the Vietnamese family which becomes submerged in blood. To do this I imported the image and masked it to match the grey square I put in the iClone model. First I made some slight tweaks to the colour to give it a red tint, and then created a red solid which I masked around and matched to the motion of the blood moving. This created the effect of the photo being replaced by the red blood solid.

2017-05-03 (3).png

To conclude the special effects I added muzzle flashes and blood splatters from a pack I got from Video Co-pilot to create more realism.


After my special effects were added I moved on to adding the voices – for this I set up my microphone and read out the script as the animation was playing. Due to the issue of my voice not syncing with the characters mouth, I tried to use key frames and increase and decrease the volume with the camera positon to create the impression the voice was coming from them; I did this same process for the song playing in the background.

2017-05-03 (4).png

After watching my final animation back with the voices included the dialogue sounded really unnatural and not as I had intended in my script. Granted this may be because it was my shocking attempt at doing an American and Vietnamese accent, but it showed me how useful pre-vis software such as iClone is at simulating a scene to get it right before filming.


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