CP19 | Feedback

2017-05-05 (2).png

After completing my animation I showed a few people in order to get feedback to see what could have been improved. One issue people had with the pro-vis was the song in the background; originally I had intended to use it to increase the tension of the scene, but apparently it distracted away from the dialogue too much. Although I do party agree with this, I think “American Eagle Tragedy” (1969) would be much more powerful when played in the full 12 minute script instead of just the last 2 minutes which ignore the build-up. Another issue people had was with the climax of the story; one claimed it was “too cheesy” and felt like it was predictable. After watching it back with the dialogue I have to agree with this, the intended purpose to build up suspense was undermined by the cheap cliché story. In order to improve the ending I think it should have been more of a gradual climax, where characters are killed of one by one. Aside from those two issues my animation was well received and people were generally impressed.

Earth Opera. 1969. The American Eagle Tragedy. Earth Opera. The Great American Eagle Tragedy. [Vinyl]. USA: Elektra



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