CP20 | End of the Roach

2017-05-05 (3).png

After 4 months of researching, writing and animating I had finally completed my script, pro-vis animation, and presentation pitch. Overall I think the animation is the strongest piece of my project as it clearly simulated a realistic version of my script scene; however there are a few things I would have done differently. Compared to my script the final sequence of the animation lacked in dynamics, caused by me creating the whole model in SketchUp. Ideally I would have liked the radio equipment to be destroyed when the fighting kicked off; in order to do this I would have had to import all the props separately into iClone and animate each one, this would have kept my pro-vis animation closer to my script idea, and therefore pitch my idea a lot clearer. Another thing I would have changed concerns the script itself; I found writing dialogue to be incredibly tricky, especially for the standoff as in the end I feel it came across too cheesy. The pro-vis animation was surprisingly useful in helping me spot unnatural dialogue lines, but the issue lies in my ability to write a script which I need a lot more work in. Although the research I conducted into telling a good story was helpful I think the issue lies with my subject matter which is hard to reproduce in its historical accuracy.

Presentation Feedback

The presentation didn’t go as well as I had hoped, however the feedback I got included some useful advice which I can apply to the future of my project. Before the pitch I had prepared a full 5 minute script which I memorized, but when it came to presenting it I forgot the majority of my points and ended up reading from the slides. I feel the delivery of my story was very poor; as much as I had tried to simplify it with a plot diagram, my pitch failed to describe all the elements of the story, and I ended up mixing up characters names. The music which I played in the background to capture the essence of the Vietnam War was also counterproductive, as some of the songs were louder than I had expected which resulted in my raising my voice and losing concentration. The pre-vis animation was well received, but again without the context of the whole story the effectiveness of it lacked. The feedback I got from Faisal after was largely negative; he had a major problem with the target audience being adult males which I thought was common knowledge, but according to him action film are marketed in the value of a star in different countries. He also had an issue with the historical accuracy to the animation because the record player had a Canon logo on it, however I feel he failed to see that it was just a pre-vis animation and not the final film. As much as I would like to agree with Faisal, he’s had a problem with my idea right from the start, but due to him being an  actual screenwriter I’ll take on his advice.




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